Our versatile time and attendance solution is an advanced and economical system which allows multiple methods of tracking time and labor. It is the simplest alternative to laborius time card calculation available on the market today.

Employees punch in and out via the web or at the Time Clock by using their swipe card or entering their personal identification number through the keypad. Each night the clock silently transmits the daily activity – reliably and securely. The time and attendance records are immediately available to payroll professionals and/or supervisors through the internet.

Our electronic time and attendance service is ideal for organizations that have several branches or locations because they can connect multiple clocks to the same network or use the internet to record punch entries. Since all the location’s clocks will connect to the same server, timekeeping data is combined in one place. Employees can even clock into one location and out at another. Our system is the perfect solution for today’s growing enterprise.

Supervisors can verify and edit employee punches, see updated totals, and run payroll reports from the online site. Also reports can be downloaded into several formats, including Microsoft Excel.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Saves time and money
  • Reduces costly payroll errors and fraud
  • Free daily emails of punch records
  • Time Clock requires no setup – simply connect to a phone line
  • No long distance or internet fees
  • Automatic clock setting (including daylight savings time)
  • Automatic overtime calculations and lunch deductions
  • Job costing and Tip reporting features
  • Time Clocks include lifetime warranty
  • Web Clock: Clock In/Out on PC
  • No software to install or update
  • Payroll interfaces

To see the savings you could get by switching to our Time Clock service, please click on the following link (you must have Microsoft Excel or other program capable of opening an Excel file):

Time Clock Savings Calculator and Analysis