Don’t get lost in the maze of tax agencies; let us be your helping hand

Are you tired of dealing with taxing authorities and feel like you are stuck in red tape? Are you tired of keeping up with legislative and retroactive changes? Sit back and relax, clients who choose our Total Tax Service (TTS) are relieved of any tax depositing or filing responsibility. APS will make all required tax deposits when due and file all monthly, quarterly and annual tax returns, such as Form 940/ 941 and state unemployment, on your behalf as required. Along with filing your tax returns, APS annually produces W-2’s and 1099’s to be delivered to you for distribution to your employees/independent contractors. These can be produced on paper, CD or access through the Employee Self Service web portal.

Although you elect to have your taxes paid by outsourcing your payroll to any payroll company, the IRS still holds you responsible. As part of our pledge with the Independent Payroll Providers Association, we ask that you register and verify the deposits that we have made on your behalf. Click here to get registered.